Policies & Fee Schedules

The costs and statutes of agricultural services.

The Agricultural Service Board (ASB) works in partnership with Council to address agricultural concerns in the community, ensuring regional producers collectively maintain and improve agricultural production.

ASB members are appointed by Council, and are comprised of three members-at-large and two Council members. These individuals work together to develop policies for the local agricultural sector.

Use the links below to access the MD's policies relating to enforcement of weed control, grasshopper and insect control, pest control, no spray agreements, roadside maintenance, soil conservation, designating weeds as noxious and others. Also included below is a current schedule of fees.

ASB Fee Schedule Documents

Contact Information

Barry Kolenosky
Director of Rural Special Projects

Email barry.kolenosky (@) mdlsr.ca
Phone 780.849.4888
Toll-Free 1.866.449.4888
Fax 780.849.4939

Agricultural Services Boards and Committees

Agricultural Service Board

The purpose of this board is to promote agriculture for the MD and to assist with new projects. The board also sets goals and objectives, prepares a yearly budget, plans projects with the Agriculture Fieldman for the year, and assists with different workshops as well as completing the performance of the Agricultural Fieldman annually.

Veterinary Services Incorporated (VSI)

This is a program for veterinary service on domestic cattle, hogs, sheep and goats raised or grown for the production of food. The municipality (combined with grant funding) subsidizes eligible veterinary costs to producers resided within the MD.

Weed Control Act Appeal Panel & Agriculture Pest Act Appeal Committee

An appeal process can be initiated by a person who has been given an inspector’s notice, local authority’s notice or debt recovery notice. An appeal will be heard and determined by an independent appeal panel. Local authorities are delegated to administer, direct and enforce within their jurisdiction.

The Latest Agricultural Services News

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