Emergency Clearance

Lending a hand when needed.

Authorized MD personnel carry a laminated ID card to reassure authorities and residents that the holder has been authorized by the MD to perform certain duties and should be allowed to carry these duties out. Authorized holders are listed below.
Forest Protection Areas are the domain of Alberta Agriculture and Forestry. Accordingly, all fire bans and advisories, OHV restrictions and other fire-related restrictions within these areas are issued by this provincial entity. It is the duty of the MD to communicate, and encourage compliance with, any ordinance from Alberta Agriculture and Forestry. Use the links below for vital updates on the status of each of the Forest Protection Areas within the MD.

Authorized MD Emergency Clearance Card Holders

Reeve and Council

  • Becky Peiffer
    Councillor Division 1
  • Brad Pearson
    Councillor Division 2
  • Darcie Acton
    Councillor Division 2
  • Murray Kerik
  • Robert Esau
    Councillor Division 1
  • Sandra Melzer
    Councillor Division 1


  • Allan Winarski
    CAO/Director of Disaster Services
  • Angeline Blackmore
    Health & Safety Coordinator
  • Ann Holden
    Planning & Development Officer
  • Brian MacPherson
    Information Services Coordinator
  • Debbie Conrad
    Taxation/Payroll Administrator
  • Joni Boucher
    Accounts Payable Administrator
  • Lana Spencer
    Executive Assistant
  • Nicole Archer
    Human Resources Advisor
  • Shari Spencer
    Administrative Assistant Operations
  • Sharon Woolston
    Accounts Receivable Administrator


  • Darcy Garratt
    Infrastructure Maintenance Worker
  • Ed Copeland
    Infrastructure Maintenance Worker
  • Russell Wilson
    Landscape & Building Maintenance Supervisor

Protective Services

  • Paul Mulholland
    Peace Officer

Regional Landfill

  • Shawn Jadot
    Landfill Operational Foreman
  • Tim Cherot

Rural Services

  • Barry Kolensky
    Director of Rural Special Projects
  • Peggy Laing
    Administrative Assistant, Rural Services
  • Russ Jassman
    Director of Rural Services
  • Trisha Green
    Administrative Assistant, Operations

Transfer Stations

  • Derek Nickel
    Transfer Station Operator - Smith
  • Jim Meyn
    Transfer Station Operator - Flatbush
  • Ted Blocka
    Transfer Station Operator - Marten Beach


  • Allen Jolliffe
    Utility Lead Operator
  • Craig Fiddler
    Utility Operator
  • Dayton Lindbergh
    Utility Operator
  • Eric Knight
    Utility Operator
  • Jeremy Dumaresque
    Utility Lead Operator
  • Max Zigart
    Utility Operator
  • Thomas Madzingo
    Utility Operator
  • Warren Platz
    Utility Operator


  • Albert Cormier
    Transportation Operator
  • Ashley Griffith
    Labourer - Slave Lake
  • Bjona Vatamaniuck
    Transportation Operator - Slave Lake
  • Cody Borris
    Transportation Operator - Flatbush
  • Darla Pell
    Labourer - Slave Lake
  • David Lukan
    ransportation Operator - Slave Lake
  • Dwayne Curtis
    Shop/Fleet Mechanic
  • Glen Miller
    Transportation Operator - Slave Lake
  • Grant Malone
    Transportation Operator - Smith
  • Harold Brenneis
    Transportation Operator - Flatbush
  • John Bois
    Transportation Operator - Slave Lake
  • Kody Brooks
    Labourer - Slave Lake
  • Lonnie Jackson
    Transportation Operator - Slave Lake
  • Lyle Hamborg
    Transportation Operator - Flatbush
  • Marvin Schneider
    Transportation Foreman
  • Melvin Brown
    Transportation Operator - Smith
  • Nasser Aboudib
    Labourer - Slave Lake
  • Richard Coulas
    Transportation Operator - Smith
  • Taylor Gladue
    Civil Engineering Tech
  • Wes Dick
    Transportation Operator - Slave Lake
  • Winston Teichroeb
    Transportation Operator - Slave Lake

Identifying an Emergency Clearance Card

An MD-issued Emergency Clearance Card is a rigid plastic card (like a credit card) that has the employee's photo, name, department and title on the front. The card will also contain a holographic security laminate, and will display the expiry date on the bottom.

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